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The Institute of Polish Literature is a part of the Faculty of Polish Studies UW and consists of six sections: four sections of history of literature (Section of Literature and Culture of Old Ages, Section of Romanticism Literature, Section of Literature and Culture of the second half of the nineteenth century, Section of Literature of the twentieth century), one section of theory of literature and one section of comparative studies (Section of Comparative Studies was formally established in 2007; it has been actively working since the academic year 2008/09). In the last academic year the so called specialty of „civilization” („Literature and Polish culture in the European and world context”) was also modified. It passed into the substantive care of the Section of Comparative Studies and takes into account a wider range of comparative European contexts.


The Institute of Polish Literature UW leads the basic didactics of history of literature, theory of literature and comparative studies within the specialty of literature and linguistic, as well as within the specialty of the speech therapy and specialty of „civilization”.
The Institute of Polish Literature UW belongs to the leading centers of literary studies in Poland: brings together eminent scholars of literature and culture, provides advanced didactic offer and guarantees a high level of education. The position of the Institute is confirmed by a very large share of the employees of the unit in the scientific life in Poland and abroad. Our staff initiated several research programs, which – as it later turned out – had an impact on the shape of literary studies of the twentieth century and last years. Number of publications, their scientific significance, the importance of the conferences co-organized by the Institute, the perception of the Institute in Poland and abroad confirm the importance of scientific achievements of the ILP UW.

The scientific researches of the Institute of Polish Literature UW stand out from other centers with their consequent reliance on the assumptions of the contemporary methodology of literary research. The theory of literature is oriented culturally here, much of the research of history of literature is inspired by postcolonial thought. The Institute as one of the first centers in the country undertook research on gender and anthropological otherness. Comparative studies are also characterized by innovative methodological implementation and cognitive significance.

Countries with which the Institute of Polish Literature works are: Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, France, Italy, Ukraine, Canada, England. Partners of the ILP are the following institutions: University of Hamburg, University of Mainz, University of Charles in Prague, University of Tübingen, University the name of M. W. Lomonosov in Moscow, University of Bucharest, the University of Paris IV Sorbonne, Universita degli Studi di Milano, University of Cambridge, University of British Columbia, University of Cologne.

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